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Kumail Nanjiani Can’t Find Studio 8H in His ‘SNL’ Promo

CREDIT: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

Kumail Nanjiani gets a little lost in the promo for this week’s Saturday Night Live.

Nanjiani, who wrote and starred in the critically-acclaimed film The Big Sick, strides into 30 Rockefeller Center with an air of confidence to the tune of musical guest P!nk’s song “So What.” Soon enough, his triumphant strut turns into a bemused shamble.

“Um… I’m looking for the SNL stage?” Nanjiani confides to a sympathetic NBC page. “You’d think it would be easy to find, I’ve been walking around for hours.”

When she finally leads him to the stage, Nanjiani breaks out in a wide smile. He’s really hosting SNL.

Nanjiani hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest P!nk this Saturday, October 14th.

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