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Larry Nassar Almost Gets His Ass Kicked By a Victim’s Father

This morning, convicted serial sexual abuser Larry Nassar came tantalizingly close to getting what he so richly deserves.

After last week’s sentencing in Michigan’s Ingham County, Nassar was back in court in Eaton County, where he has another sentencing hearing (in addition to his federal charges, Nassar’s crimes were split between the two counties).

Today, the court heard more victim impact statements, two of which came from Lauren and Madison Rae Margraves; their sister, Morgan – who was also sexually assaulted by Nassar – delivered her victim impact statement last month in the Ingham County sentencing hearing.

Lauren and Madison Rae were joined by their father, Randall Margraves, and understandably, Margraves had a hard time controlling his emotions.

Following his daughters’ statements, Randall made a request of Judge Janice Cunningham: “I would ask you as part of this sentencing to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon.”

When Judge Cunningham informed Mr. Margraves that she could not allow that, Margraves requested one minute alone; again, Judge Cunningham denied his request. But Margraves was not satisfied, running at Nassar and nearly reaching the sexual abuser before Nassar’s attorney Matthew Newburg and three deputies intervened.

Margraves was handcuffed and detained, though at this point, he has not been arrested or booked on any charges. Given the emotional devastation Randall and his daughters have had to endure, it seems unlikely that he will be charged.

Judge Cunningham empathized with Margraves’ reaction: “If it is hard and difficult for me to hear what his daughters have to say, I can’t imagine what it is like for a parent.”

You can check out Margraves’s reaction in the video below.

[via Detroit Free Press]

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