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Larry Nassar Pleads Guilty (Again) and Sentenced 40-125 Years In Prison

via CNN

You know how in court you’re supposed to plead guilty to get a lighter sentence? That was not the case for the former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar. After pleading guilty to three different counts of sexual conduct, he received a sentence for 40-125 years in prison. Whether he serves only 40 or until he dies, he’s going to be there awhile.

After decades of sexual abuse, it’s about time that it caught up to him. He was already sentenced to prison on a different charge, as well as 60 years for child pornography. As of right now, there are over 250 known victims of Nassar.

P.S. Here’s some good news: perhaps you saw the video of the father who rushed Nassar in a fit of rage after hearing what he did to his daughters? That father apologized, and was not charged with any punishment at all, as should be.

[via CNN]

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