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The Latest ‘Coco’ Trailer Features a Very Lick-Happy Dog

CREDIT: Disney/Pixar

Coco, the latest Pixar feature, is about 12-year-old Miguel, a Mexican boy whose family has banned music. But how can that be when he is an aspiring musicmaker and his great-great-grandfather was “the greatest musician of all time”?

On a quest to overcome his family’s prohibition, Miguel finds himself in the Land of the Dead alongside his dog Dante. And if the latest trailer (set to the tune of a version of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”) is any indication, this film is going to feature A LOT of dog-licks-on-skeletons action.

Pixar flicks are often praised for their vibrant animation and imaginative storytelling, but I think what right now has me the most excited about Coco is the promise of plenty of rambunctious canine companionship.

Coco pounces into theaters November 22. Watch the trailer below:


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