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‘Lean on Pete’ Trailer: Save a Horse, Ride a Horse

Lean on Pete is about Charley, a teenage boy with a single dad who likes to spend his days at the racetracks, where he becomes close with one of the horses. He also finds a bit of a confidant in the horse’s owner, played by Steve Buscemi.

Based on that title, I’m wondering, “Is Buscemi playing Pete, and Charley is leaning on him? The characters Buscemi plays sure seem like Pete’s.” But it turns out that there is no Pete, but rather it is the horse, named “Lean on Pete,” who is referenced in the title. Buscemi is playing “Del” (a name nowhere near as Buscemi-esque as “Pete,” but it’ll do in a pinch).

Anyway, Lean on Pete is old and marked for slaughter, so Charley takes him out on the open road to save him. Charley is played Charlie Plummer, who will soon be a kidnapping victim in All the Money in the World.

Lean on Pete comes out March 30, 2018. Watch the trailer below:

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