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Leave Harvey Weinstein – I Mean Harvey Fierstein – Alone!

Must suck to have such a similar name.

CREDIT: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Harvey Weinstein is the talk of the town in the latest news reports, and let’s just say not all press is good press. The mogul is accused of multiple cases of sexual harassment and the entire world basically hates him, because, well, he’s disgusting. But it seems that no one hates him more than Harvey Fierstein.

Fierstein, the openly gay actor, has been under scrutiny this week and it’s not even his fault! The similarity in name is causing some confusion, as Fierstein vents on Twitter. Fierstein says “Harvey Weinstein is rumored to be in trouble & I am somehow getting flak as well, I get it. All Harveys look alike.”

The actor has taken the mix-up pretty well although he is always quick to correct the association; saying, “Guys, We’re Mad At Harvey WEINSTEIN, Not Harvey FIERSTEIN!”

This confusion has caused Twitter users to express their support of Harvey Fierstein in hashtags, of course. Don’t forget to show yours with #GoodHarvey or #IAintWeinstein.

[via EW]

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