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Leslie Jones Took to Twitter to Further Prove Why She’s the Greatest Olympics Commentator in History

Leslie Jones is already known as having a great knack for providing commentary for the Olympics, as she was flown out to Rio de Janeiro by NBC in order to cover the Summer Olympics back in 2016. Now, she’s getting the same treatment with the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, and while she hasn’t made her 2018 debut with NBC just yet, the comedian put out a series of commentary videos on Twitter for all the world to recognize just how perfect she is for the job.

I assure you, it’s just about the best thing you’ll hear all day.

First off, Jones questioned the motives of a rather diabolical looking figure skater.

Once pairs figure skating was underway, she drew the perfect parallel to just how much it can remind us of romantic relationships and just how (ahemicy they can be.

Jones went on to ask the question we’ve all had while watching the speed skating relays.

Then, she tackled the luge, as she explained how incredibly dangerous it is since “this mothafucka literally is on one of them things you carry the refrigerator on,” and that “if you hit a pebble, you are FUCKED!”

Jones also shared her thoughts on just why Kyle Mack fucked up on his last jump.

And of course, what’s Winter Olympics commentary without some overenthusiastic screaming about curling?

We’ve still got about another 2 weeks before the 2018 Winter Olympics reaching its conclusion, so definitely be on the lookout for more amazing commentary by Leslie Jones: I know I will be.

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