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Let’s All Chip in and Buy a Dictionary for Ivanka Trump Because Words are Hard!

How can you be so rich and miss out on a quality education?


We’ve all laughed at “covfefe” and the “beautiful chocolate cake.” Trump is notorious for using adjectives without caring if they make sense or not. Everything is “tremendous” and “YUGE.” Plus, he LOVES to say “China.”

But as we all mock Trump’s inability to use the correct words, we must not forget his charming daughter.

A few months ago, Twitter went crazy over Ivanka Trump’s post about her nephew. It seems that the family could invest in a dictionary, or at least use words that they are completely sure of! But even that is too much to ask.

A writer from VICE with the Twitter handle, @evespeyer, has put together a compilation of instances that prove Ivanka has trouble with words:

Other Twitter users helped out:

And others did God’s work and made jokes at the Trump’s expense:

But sometimes, Daddy Trump doesn’t need Twitter to make jokes, he provides the proof all by himself:


I love Twitter.

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