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How Life Isn’t (but Feels Like) A Movie

Do you ever just get the eerie feeling like you’re playing some part in a movie? As if you’re reading from a script, a script that you carefully and thoughtfully put together? Almost like you want this unforeseen control over the events of your life, or maybe even feel like you actually do? Let me explain.

Now, for some of us, we see our lives unravelling the way it does, and we want some say in how it’ll turn out. I know I do. I can be so dramatic and intense at times that I confuse reality with fiction. It’s hard not to. I’ve literally watched hundreds, if not thousands, of movies in my life. I know how dramatic plot works and so I sometimes get my life confused with a drama/rom-com flick. So what? Sue me. I think it’s pretty damn creative of me.

Things happen that can only be explained by a script

Sometimes events occur in your life and it’s just so damn weird. There must be some sort of explanation. No way it’s “just destiny.” I can’t always believe that. I mean, what are the chances? I don’t know. It just feels way less unnerving to think that there’s some script we’re all following, that our lives aren’t simply left up to chance. It’s reassuring to think that some level of our own control is being exercised when it comes to the people we encounter, the behaviours we exhibit, and the actions that take place.

It’s hard to confuse real life love with movie love

I swear that I’ve had two separate, completely different people tell me “this isn’t a movie.” No lies. I seriously have the tendency to be over-dramatic and intense all the damn time. I even listen to them and connect them so perfectly to the situations I’m dealing with. Is that normal? Who knows? I just know that when I think of love, I think of happy endings. I hate to think that I won’t end up with the person I’m in love with. It just can’t be.

It feels fun and even provocative to think of

Sometimes I feel as though people are watching me. I’m not saying this in a creepy way or like in a delusional manner. Stay on track with me, folks. What I mean is that I often feel as though my life is being played on a big screen, that people are actually witnessing me live my life. And that just continues the cycle of me feeling like life is a movie. You see, if I feel like people are watching me, then I automatically assume that my life will turn out the same way a typical rom-com film would (because which other type of movie has even happier endings?). Do you get what I mean? No? Okay.

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