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Lifelong Republican Woman Tweets Savage Anti-Trump Rant


After audio of Trump admitting that he thinks it’s okay to force his crusty, tangerine-tinged lard on unwilling women—and that he can get away with it because he’s famous—was released, he’s lost some support. Among those who’re jumping ship is lifelong Republican Marybeth Glenn.

In 17  tweets, Glenn called the members of the Republican party “cowards” and “tools” for supporting a “sexual predator” who treats women like “dogs” and, if they continue like this, they’ll end up as “the party The Left always accused you of being.”

“What drove me to the ’tweet storm’ was this feeling of abandonment I think conservatives are experiencing,” said in an interview with “We’ve been supportive of these people for years when most Trump supporters couldn’t stand them. We’ve knocked on doors, we’ve read their legislation and remained informed, we’ve really fought on their behalf, and we’ve dealt with horrific comments from Trump supporters for over a year only to have the people we support pander to this fringe faction that has no right to be calling themselves conservatives.”

You can read the full take down here:

“It’s not just the objectification of women on full display,” Glenn said, “it’s an attack on good and decent men. It’s normalizing repulsive behavior.”

Glenn ended her rant by tagging prominent Republican politicians, including Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. “I truly hope that they come out saying they’ll stand with women, unendorse, and at this point I believe they owe us an apology if they ever want our support again,” she said.

[via Elle]


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