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Listen To Ed Sheeran’s Song From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Here, If You’re Into That


Finally, winter is here and Game of Thrones left a lot of its viewers confused when Ed Sheeran made a cameo in the Season 7 premiere on Sunday night. The singer was all dressed up in armor and sitting around a fire pretending to be cool as he joked around with certified bad ass Area Stark.

Some of us are still not over the episode, specifically this weird cameo. Come for me I don’t care.

As one would, Thrones had Sheeran do what he’s good at: sing. His character sings an a cappella number just as Arya runs into his group in the woods.

Thankfully the cameo didn’t last long but stans are wanting to know if they can listen to the song one more time without re-watchig the entire episode. Lucky for them, YouTube exists. Clips of Sheeran’s performance are already uploaded on the site, titled ‘Hands of Gold’.

If you’re into that, read the lyrics and listen to the jam below.

Though the songs is no ‘Shape of You’ false are totally obsessed with the song, inspired by medieval bards and old hymns, because duh. Sheeran’s fans are doing the most and want the pop singer to record a full studio version.

intense eye roll

Hopefully he doesn’t and the only proof of his cameo is the 40 second long version that appears on Sunday’s episode.

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Sheeran’s came on Game of Thrones  marks his second acting gig and they’ve both been knight roles.

Good for him for trying new things, I guess.

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