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This Little Boy Went On a Rant About His Sister’s Boyfriend and it’s Too Cute

Siblings will stand up for each other in the end, even if they spend all waking hours arguing. Growing up, I was able to call my younger sisters any name I chose, but nobody else was allowed to.

Recently, a woman went on Instagram to share an adorable video of her children in the backseat discussing a new boyfriend. Marley, the brother, noticed his sister Brooklyn holding hands with a boy named Dylan at recess.

Marley completely disapproves of the relationship, and told Brooklyn straight to her face that she needs to focus on herself before getting into a relationship. “You got so many things to do: shapes, handwriting, math, all that stuff, and you’re worried about some boyfriend.”

Brooklyn sat quietly while Marley listed off the problems with having a boyfriend. But she defended herself when he said she has to sit with her friends. Rattling off names, Brooklyn claims that she is not spending all her time with Dylan. Marley was not impressed.

When your brother doesn’t approve for you to have a boyfriend @mcneillkids2

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I think some adults need to hear Marley’s words as well because he was so inspirational.

[via Mashable]

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