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Little Caesars Created What is Basically a Pizza Vending Machine and I’m Dying

Pizza lovers, prepare to be SHOOK!

Everyone’s favorite cheap pizza place, Little Caesers, just came out with some revolutionary pizza technology, the world’s first ever “heated, self-service mobile order pickup station in the quick service restaurant industry,” appropriately called the Pizza Portal.

Little Caesars

With this ground breaking innovation that’s practically a pizza vending machine, customers get hot, freshly-prepared, custom products in hand seconds after they walk in the store using state-of-the-art, automated, self-service hot-holding technology.

The Pizza Portal goes hand in hand with their RESERVE-N-READY advanced order system. Customers just place an order on the Little Caesars mobile app, and the app will notify you when the order is ready and it’s time to go pick up your creation. When you arrive at the store, just skip the line, and go directly to the Pizza Portal to either input a 3-digit pin or scan a QR code. Then, the door to your pizza’s personal compartment opens, and you’re free to enjoy that cheesy goodness.

Instant pizza made to my specifications without even talking to another human being? Sign me the fuck up!

Unfortunately, Little Caesars is only testing this revolutionary device in  Detroit, Michigan, but they’re looking to potentially roll out the technology nationwide in 2018.

[Via Delish]

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