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This Little Girl is in Tears After Accidntally Cheering For The Wrong Football Team

Twitter: @wskohler
Twitter: @wskohler

Football is a big deal in America and, apparently, in the Kohler family. When 4-year-old Kendall Kohler accidentally cheered on the wrong football team, so was convinced that she’d forever disgraced the family, she burst into tears.

“We are Louisville Cardinal fans, but have never pushed her to be a fan of any particular team,” her dad, Scotty Kohler, told BuzzFeed News.

Apparently, Kendall was playing with her sister when she blanked on her favorite team’s name, the Lousiville Cardinals, and accidentally cheered for her team’s rival, the Kentucky Cats. “I actually cheered on the Cats on accident!” she wails, crying in her father’s arms.

Scotty was the one who asked his wife to start recording her apology, mostly so he could show it to her when she was older, but the video has since gone viral.

“I was the only one who understood what she said [at first] and I understood how trivial it was and that it definitely was nothing to be that upset about,” he said. “That was the comical aspect of it.”

It’s so heartbreakingly adorable. Check it out:

[via Buzzfeed News]

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