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Little Kid Crawls Into a Vending Machine and Gets Stuck…Not a Joke

via StarTribune

I am not joking, but it does seem like a pretty good set up for a joke. What do you call a kid that crawls into a vending machine for a stuffed toy that costs all of two dollars to make and then gets stuck inside of it? A Floridian? Maybe the joke needs some work, but that is in fact what happened to a little boy from Florida when he just had to get that stuffed bear in the corner, away from the clutch-capacity of that metal gripper thing.

An off-duty firefighter, Jeremy House, who was dining at the restaurant where the “emergency” occurred, went over and tried to get the kid out. But then he got stuck inside too. Not really. Wouldn’t that be an amazing story though?

What House did do was yell for someone to call 911, surely one of the most ridiculous uses of emergency services ever recorded: “He went in, but obviously he couldn’t come back out the same way,” Battalion Chief Gregory Sutton told The Associated Press.

The boy, Mason, sat atop a throne of stuffed bears for around five minutes while House and his colleagues (who arrived to help out) got him out.

Sutton says the boy was embarrassed. I sure as hell hope so.

Make America Less Stupid Again…

[via Startribune]

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