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Local Teacher Boasts About Being Inexperienced

He's been teaching at Northern High School for two years, but, after being overheard in the teacher's lounge, he's just outed himself as an unqualified hire.

A teacher at their desk. Credit: Getty Images

SAN DIEGO, CA: Northern High School history teacher Scott Green might have just cost himself his job.

Teachers heard the 26-year-old, who has been teaching at Northern High School for two years, boasting about his lack of a strong resume when he applied for his job.

Witnesses claim he said, “I guess they just really believed in me because I had absolutely no teaching experience.”

Witnesses also claimed he said that he was “a risk worth taking” for the school board. And that his experience was “unconventional” and “transformative.” Before working at the school, Green worked at a ski resort in Northern California for a year after graduating from the University of California, San Diego.

When the scandal reached the public, Northern High issued a press release, saying “We stand with Mr. Green. He’s an invaluable member of our team. He was, and remains, qualified for his position within our administration.”

But some teachers at Northern High disagree.

One teacher, whose identity is being kept anonymous for safety, said she’s never seen him actually teaching.

“I came into his classroom one day and saw his chalkboard filled with Drake lyrics,” she said. “When I asked him about it he said he was trying to connect with his students. What does he think this job is, The Dead Poet’s Society? Because even if he does then he’s still doing a garbage job.”

But the real problem with this case started when word of these allegations reached the ears of Maria Mendoza. Mendoza, 26, also graduated from UC-San Diego and applied for the same job. And the differences between the two applicant’s resumes are huge. Mendoza has her bachelor’s in history and wrote her senior honor’s thesis on the American Revolution. Green studied Communications and didn’t complete a senior thesis. Mendoza had been volunteering at schools as an unpaid teacher’s assistant since she was 15 years old and began substituting at local high schools during her sophomore year of college. The first time Green worked in a classroom was the summer before his senior year of college when he helped his local high school run their summer school program.

“I am so much more qualified than he was,” she said.” I thought he had done something I wasn’t aware of, but no. He’s still just swimming in his privilege.”

When asked about the decision to hire him, Northern High School Principal Steve Hills said, “He was what we were looking for, and we will continue to support him.”

Mendoza was livid upon hearing the principal’s statement.

“What they were looking for? Yeah, that’s nonsense because there is no way they’d pick someone as under-qualified as him over someone like me,” she said. “There has to be another reason they didn’t hire me.”

Green is still teaching at Northern High and there are no plans for a review hearing about his qualifications.

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