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Local Woman Realizes Bisexuality was a Phase After Finding the Right Man

Amy Morris, 24, came out as bisexual for the first time when she was 15. It was to her best friend Claire Knight, who, at the time, gave her full support.

Nine years later, the story is a little different.

Morris is getting ready for a date with her recent boyfriend, Richard Hammer. Morris has been known to go on dates with men before, since she was bisexual and therefore can be attracted to two or more genders or sexes, but after seeing Richard for only a few weeks, she’s completely changed her mind.

“We aren’t like crazy exclusive or anything,” she said. “We’re taking things slowly, but it’s been so great. I really have found the right man to straighten me out.”

That’s right. Morris claims to be straight now. She said she woke up one day after a date with Richard and realized how wrong she’d been, and how right the rest of the world was about her personal dating decisions.

“I just needed to be honest with myself and decide already, you know?” she said. “My mom has been telling me that for years and I guess she really was right.”

While Knight and Morris are still friends, Knight doesn’t understand Morris’ choice. She’s been a proud bisexual for so many years. What’s different now?

“If this had been a legitimate change in her sexuality, then I would support her,” Knight said. “Sexuality is fluid. But to just entirely dismiss that part of her life is going to hurt her.”

Knight is particularly concerned because Morris has dated other men before, but she’s never responded like this.

“It’s not like she’s never seen a dick,” she said. “When you’re bisexual, you can date basically whoever you want. I don’t get why she is changing it now that she’s met Richard. Who, by the way, is really a dick.”

Morris is discrediting those nine years as a long phase of experimentation, including her engagement to ex-girlfriend Samantha Piles. Piles, a local elementary school teacher, was distraught when she heard the news.

“That doesn’t make sense. We loved each other,” she said. “And now she’s calling me a phase? I can’t believe that’s all she thinks we were.”

Just prior to publication, Morris was seen after her date with Hammer at a local lesbian bar talking to a woman in a booth. Onlookers claim she was speaking intimately with the woman and even appeared flirtatious. When asked about the incident, Morris declined to comment.

Knight, however, had one concise response.

“I told y’all,” she said. “She’s really fucking queer.”

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