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LOL: 20,000 Signed a Petition that Claims Trump is Mentally Ill


I don’t know if we needed a petition to tell us that, but good to have one anyone, I guess…

So there’s a petition making it’s way around the Internet that is claiming President Trump has “a serious mental illness.” Because of his “condition,” it makes him unfit to run the country. It’s already been signed by over 20,000 people. The kicker? The people are allegedly mental health professionals.

How do they plan on taking action? The people are telling Senator Chuck Schumer to get Trump the hell out of the oval office, because according to the Constitution a president can be replaced if he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

Do we actually know if Trump has a mental illness? Of course not. However, the New York Times published a letter signed by a total of 35 psychiatrists asserting that “the grave emotional instability indicated by Mr. Trump’s speech and actions makes him incapable of serving safely as president.”

Take that for what you will…

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