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Long Distance is Hard, But Sometimes Worth It


Making the decision to uproot your life and move away isn’t easy. You’re excited to start a new journey somewhere else, but at the same time you know you have to say goodbye to the people in your life who live in the place you are leaving. It’s extremely bittersweet.

You have to be able to decide what is important for you to do at the time. It is important to go and seek new experiences and sometimes that means moving to a new place to experience them. It does not mean the people you are moving away from are any less important, it just means that you want to explore your options and learn a few things by living somewhere else. Even if that’s just for a little while.

Not to mention, moving away makes coming back home to visit even more exciting. You forget about all of the little things that didn’t seem to matter when you were living there. Like the convenience of certain stores, a small restaurant you used to like going to or being able to drive again rather than relying on public transportation.

But it’s important to be able to take that step towards something different. If you never try to leave or go after what it is you want to achieve, you may regret it later on in life. And so what if it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would, at least you went and gave it a shot.

Being child-less makes this even easier. This isn’t to say that those with kids can’t move away, but there are just so many more aspects to consider when that is the case. It’s much simpler to try these things before/if that point comes.

Moving to somewhere new teaches you more than you might initially think. You learn all about a new city and what it has to offer. You will have the opportunity to meet all different types of people (who most likely have moved from somewhere else also).

A new city, especially New York, teaches you to be more self reliant.

First of all, you become re-acquainted with your directional skills. Google maps will absolutely fail you at times. You most likely will be told to get off of the bus or subway at a stop further away from your destination (annoying), but you will eventually learn the routes and understand how much different it is than just getting in you car and driving down the street.

Because there are so many people in the city, the likelihood of coming across people who work in a similar line of work as your own is much greater. This lets you form a bond with people you never knew existed. And that’s pretty awesome.

You will have more chances to advance your career and perhaps at a much faster rate than where you lived before. After moving here, I applied to a couple of places and within a week I had five interviews scheduled. It was hectic and amazing. Everything moves faster, including your schedule and what free time you have left in between.

You will get the chance to eat different foods. Where I grew up we only had the stand chain restaurants or perhaps a small Italian restaurant on certain streets. The food was decent, but there was rarely something you ate that would really stand out. Also most places closed by 10, severely depleting your chances of finding anything at all to satisfy a late night craving.

Here? Everything is open late and everything delivers. I’ve only had one meal that I did not like (partly because I like everything and want all of the food). This is a small luxury that I had not had before and am thankful (seriously) that I have it now!

I have learned that there is always something to do. Plans here aren’t as tight. Not only are times are a little harder to pin-point (because of the trains), but things rarely go exactly how you thought they would. At first I thought this would be a bad thing, but usually it ends up being way better.

If I never left I would not have had the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have- in and outside of my career. If I stayed I would not have had as many opportunities to write as I do now. Even if I’m not exactly where I want to be, it’s further than I was before. And for right now that’s all that I need.

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