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Look What We Made Her Do: T-Swift Wrote a Poem for ‘Vogue’


Taylor Swift is the cover of Vogue‘s January issue and her look is fierce. In Reputation style, Swift donned deep red lipstick and dark eye makeup, giving her a sinister look. And it’s amazing.

To add to the photo shoot, Swift decided to try her hand her poetry, I mean, she’s a singer-songwriter, how bad could it be, right? Well……

Vogue claims that the poem complements the theme of the cover, and “reflects on the lessons learned as she moves into the next chapter of her life.” As well all know, Taylor Swift was wronged, but damn it, she will not be wronged again.

The poem, titled, “The Trick to Holding On” is like an ode to those with broken hearts, and a reassurance to the self that she will be stronger after her experiences; a common theme in Swift’s songs.

Read the poem, if you’re ready for it, here.

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