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Lorde Covers Kanye West Songs, Taylor Swift Must Be Livid


Kanye West and Taylor Swift are being mentioned in the same sentence again, but this time it’s not because of anything either megastar has done. We can thank Lorde for this occurrence, as the New Zealand pop star is known as one of Swift’s closest celebrity friends. So why did she choose to cover Kanye songs at her recent show in Rosemont, Illinois?

Lorde bolted out a cappella versions of “Love Lockdown” and “Runaway,” some of Mr. West’s best songs.

But calm down, T-Swift fans. This is not the first time Lorde has covered Kanye’s music. She has even acknowledged him as an “idol.” Swift’s friends have the liberty to do what they want, but we all know how crazy her fans can be.

Recently it appeared that Lorde said she and Taylor weren’t that close anymore, but then she clarified what she meant on Twitter:

[via Cosmopolitan]

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