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Louis C.K.’s ‘I Love You, Daddy’ is Dropped From Release Schedule

CREDIT: The Orchard

In light of the allegations of sexual misconduct against its writer/director/star, and in light of its other stars declining to promote the filmI Love You, Daddy has been removed from its release date of November 17 by its distributor The Orchard, with no plans to re-schedule.

It will be interesting to see if I Love You, Daddy ever sees the light of day. This is a much different case than Harvey Weinstein, who produced many films but was never really creatively involved with them, or Kevin Spacey, who was rarely, if ever, the primary creative voice in his projects (and it is apparently possible to completely remove him from an already completed film).

But not only does I Love You, Daddy have C.K. as its auteur, it also draws from his own life in ways that were already uncomfortable but are even more so in light of these allegations. The plot revolves around the daughter of C.K.’s character dating a much older man, and another character mimes masturbation in a couple of scenes.

I saw a screening of I Love You, Daddy before all the allegations were published, and what had at the time felt like it was skirting between challenging and disturbing is now tipping completely to the latter. C.K. seems self-aware of his misdeeds and even attempts to grapple with them, but the whole endeavor is ill-advised in light of his alleged past.

[via Deadline]

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