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Love on the Brain: 6 Things You’ll Forgive if You Really Love Someone

There’s something about loving someone, and I mean really loving them, that makes it easy to forgive them. Before you fall in love, you can easily sit there and say that “if you partner did this, I’d never forgive them.” Then, you’re actually confronted with the situation and you’re shocked at how you can look past certain things just because of the feelings you have.

Now look, there are some things you should never forgive like cheating, but as a whole, you’ll forgive more than you ever thought possible if you really love them.

Family drama

Nobody has a perfect family, right? Before you were really in love you might have thought that you’d never be with someone who’s family doesn’t like you, or if they’re just crazy altogether. But, when you find the person you’re meant to be with, you kind of feel like it’s you and them against the world. So even family doesn’t really matter when you have each other.

Their past

Everyone has baggage. Before you meet someone you really love, you could think that you’d never be with someone who cheated in the past, someone with a drug history, someone who didn’t graduate a college that’s up to your standards. Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s all bullshit. When you truly love something, everything that happened before you kind of falls to side and you tend to get over it. It might not be your favorite thing to do, but it will happen because you’ll realize that the love is worth it.

If they lied to you

Now I’m not talking about massive lies like if they have a whole other family somewhere. But, you will end up forgiving little lies here and there. When you love someone you realize that a little white lie about them leaving the bar at midnight as opposed to 11 p.m. isn’t really that important. Most of the time, your significant other will bend the truth just to avoid you getting you upset. At the end of the day, when you love someone, stupid lies don’t matter.

A massive fight

When you think about the relationships you’ve had previously, they likely went something like this: you get into a massive fight and you call it quits. You curse each other out and break up, right? Well, when you’re in love it doesn’t really work like that. Relationships take work, even when you get into a fight. If you really love someone, you’ll get over a fight pretty quickly and move on to work together towards something better.

The annoying habits

Everyone has annoying habits. And guess what? You’ll look past them when you really love someone. If they chew with their mouth open, or bite their nails, it’s something you won’t even pay attention to because you actually love the person. You’ll realize that everyone has quirks and you’ll move on.

Deal breakers

Deal breakers like someone being a different culture, or religion, or even not liking dogs won’t exist if you really love someone. You’ll get over the things you once thought were deal breakers for you if you meet someone who you actually really love.

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