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Luke Skywalker Supported The Wolves… By Accident, Then All Hell Broke Loose

Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, supported the Wolverhampton Wanderers, without knowing who they even are.

The actor didn’t know he was liking a tweet from a fan of the team, just thought he was liking #Wolves. But apparently they made him feel like family, and now he’s down to be a fan. He tweeted “3 days ago a tweet asked me if I was a wolves fan- I “liked” it thinking they meant the animal- Now they’re my favorite team I’d never heard of.”

The Wolves responded by saying:

I guess ignorance is bliss, the misunderstanding led to him gaining 5k followers in a day.

The force is strong, and the power of celebrities getting attention for nothing is even stronger.

[via Twitter]



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