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Lyft and Aptiv Will Be Increasing Services For Their Self-Driving Cars

Lyft and Aptiv will now have their self-driving cars pick and drop off passengers in around the city of Las Vegas, according to the CEO of Aptiv, Glen De Vos.

The self-driving vehicles were able to do over 400 rides to 20 to predetermined locations during the CES just a couple of weeks ago. Both Lyft and Aptiv said, “99 percent of the miles driven were done so autonomously, and that the trips earned an average rating of 4.997 stars (out of a possible 5).”

In addition, Lyft is also teaming with NuTonomy to try and create robot taxis in Boston, so the technology already looks like it’s making huge strides.

If the success of the self-driving cars continues, maybe they will be available worldwide within the next few years.

[via The Verge]

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