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Lyft Drivers are Not Too Happy About this Whole Taco Bell Promotion

A few days ago, the ride sharings service that no one has the urge to boycott announced the partnership of your dreams: Lyft and Taco Bell.

This new “Taco Mode” will allow riders who choose Lyft to stop at Taco Bell (via the drive-thru, so you don’t even have to leave your car) on the way to your destination.

Sounds amazing, right?

Well, not if you’re the person driving the cars,

Lyft drivers have been expressing their anger against the new policy on social media, rightfully annoyed that the company is encouraging people to eat food during their trips, especially late night riders who will probably be drunk.

While Lyft does claim that driver participation is optional, Lyft is planning a nationwide rollout of Taco Mode in 2018.

[Via BroBible]

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