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Lyft Rolls Out Self-Driving Cars for Test at Ex-Military Base in California

Lyft announced plans to test its self-driving vehicles at GoMentum Station, a 5,000-acre space in Concord, California. The vehicles that will be used for testing are designed and developed by Lyft’s in-house engineering team. The company usually relied on partners for technology, but this is an improvement for their own work.

Lyft failed to release on update on the progress of their autonomous cars. We don’t know exactly how they power the vehicles. Lyft falls behind Uber as the second largest taxi provider in the US, and Uber already sent out its self-driving vehicles in multiple cities.

Lyft seemed content with its position as the go-to ride network for other self-driving cars. They built partnerships with companies like Waymo, GM, Ford, and Jaguar-Land Rover. Last July, they released their plans to invest in their own software and hardware for autonomous cars.

This movement led to their newest facility in Palo Alto, which stands at 50,000-square-foot for its engineering team that is lead by former Google Maps genius Luc Vincent. The tests at GoMentum Station will lead Lyft to the next level, despite being in the early stages.

Vincent, VP of engineering at Lyft, said in a statement,

At Lyft, we believe in a future where self-driving cars make transportation safer and more accessible to everyone. By partnering with GoMentum Station, we’re able to test our self-driving systems in a secure facility and advance our technology in an efficient way.

The GoMentum Station is one of 10 grounds that is acknowledged by the US Department of Transportation in 2017 for autonomous vehicle testing. Honda and Toyota both use the facility for the same purpose as well. The land holds 20 miles of paved roads and buildings for an urban feel. It also serves as a safe location for testing cars without risking the competition seeing their progress.

Waymo and Uber own their own test sites as well, so it’s good to see Lyft step into the battle with one of their own.

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