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Lynda Carter’s Fear of Blacklisting Caused Her to Keep Her ‘Wonder Woman’ Sexual Assault Secret

Lynda Carter, the Miss World America pageant winner in 1972 as well as the star of a Wonder Woman television series that ran from 1975-1979, has now come forward with her own stories of sexual misconduct. While promoting a new Smithsonian Channel three-part special called Epic Warrior Women, Carter said she’s “fended off” her share of unwanted advances over the years — including one man who was fired from the set of her Wonder Woman TV show after drilling a hole in her dressing-room wall.

The same man happens to be facing sexual abuse allegations from other women at this time, although Carter was not comfortable naming him explicitly. “He’s already being done in. There’s no advantage in piling on again,” Carter told Daily Beast, before adding, “And, I believe every woman in the Bill Cosby case.”  The comments led many to believe Bill Cosby may have been the unnamed Peeping Tom, but Carter has not confirmed this theory. But according to Carter, her assailant has hurt “a lot of people,” and whatever punishment he receives, “it isn’t enough.”

Out of fear of being blacklisted in Hollywood, carter remained silent about all the abuse she was victim to. “You wouldn’t do it. Who are you going to tell, your agent? Who’s going to believe you? No one’s going to believe you,” Carter told The Daily Beast. In the growing environment of social upheaval vis à vis sexual conduct and accountability in Hollywood and elsewhere, Carter was inspired to finally share her story and stand in solidarity with the movement.

[via Vulture]

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