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Madea is the New White House Communications Director and She Seems More Qualified than Any of Her Predecessors

President Trump might actually have a member the White House he can’t take advantage of. In a skit produced by the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Madea (Tyler Perry) takes over the position due to “all the rest of them sorry asses” getting fired. While she hilariously introduces antics she’s typically known for throughout the briefing she seems much more qualified than her predecessors.

Things get off to a rocky start when Madea initially states she only wants one question per person and is immediately asked two by a member of the press to which she responds “you feel entitled white man?” After claiming she voted for Hillary three times, she then goes on to answer one reporters inquiry regarding  why she is employed by the White House if she doesn’t like Trump – a question that could be said to be rather relevant to current events.

Madea addresses everything from Trump’s sexual allegations as he approaches her on stage, Trump’s defense of the KKK, and even goes as far as announcing her 2020 presidential run while taking a knee. The segment is sure to draw varying opinions from leftist and rightist alike. We’re sure Trump will address this sometime in the future.

[via Mashable]


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