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Magic Leap’s Least Expensive Headset Still Costs as Much as Your Smartphone

Magic Leap will release many versions of its augmented reality glasses for all types of consumers. The lowest price will resemble the price of a “higher-end mobile phone to higher-end tablet,” says company president and CEO Rony Abovitz.

“I think we’re trying to establish certain tiers — we’re not going to be a single-product company over time,” Abovitz told an audience during an interview at Recode‘s Code Media conference today.

Abovitz spoke on the Magic Leap One, the headset designed with creators in mind. The edition will be coming out this year and will be in the middle of Magic Leap’s price range.

“We will have a product line in that price point probably for the company’s history, and we’ll probably have some above and we’ll have some below,” he says. “We’ll have even higher-end [versions] for hyper-pro, and then we’ll have wide mass-market” products.

Magic Leap held off on telling the price point for the Magic Leap One, or any of their other headsets. The market will not be cheap on these devices and rightfully so. “Higher-end mobile phone to higher-end tablet zone is probably our floor”, Abovitz said on pricing. He did not reveal specifics about which device will cost what, but didn’t turn down a comparison to the latest iPhone, which can cost a minimum of $1,000. The expected range for the Magic Leap One could be between $1,500 and $2,000, according to past reports.

Abovitz says the cost should be expected based on what the headset can do. He believes it can replace “your phones, your televisions, your laptops, your tablets, which add up to thousands of dollars.” He compared the Magic Leap headsets’ price to “more of a premium artisanal computer,” in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Magic Leap kept their advancements under wraps, but they’ve been sharing ideas in recent months. They revealed plans on when they will begin shipping, along with information on a partnership with the NBA. When you get the Shaquille O’Neal endorsement, that’s when you know you’ve made it.

[via The Verge]

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