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How to Make Your Glass(es) of Wine Colder Instantly

No, not ice. Although it does succeed in making your wine colder, ice will water down your wine, as it does with every beverage. Instead, why not use some frozen grapes?

Literally do the same thing with grapes that you would do with ice. First buy some grapes and just stick them in the freezer. Then, when it’s wine time, just pluck a few (two, maybe three at most), and toss it into the wine glass (or glasses, which is a double entendre, depending on how social you are).

Ray Abercromby, the director for Doyen Wines, explained that “frozen grapes keep their juice inside the grape, so there is very little dilution or flavor transfer taking place. It’s best done by putting a few frozen grapes into the glass, and swirling the glass around. It’s a great idea and works for both reds and whites.

Not to mention you get a cute little alcohol-infused snack once you’re done drinking as well. It’s like those vodka-filled gummy bears, but a lot classier.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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