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Malaysia Airlines is Officially the First Airline to Track Planes with Satellites


I mean, it’s about time. If you remember, Malaysia Airlines airplane MH370 vanished into thin air with 239 people onboard three years ago. The search for the plane went on for years and nothing substantial was ever found. Now, Malaysia Airlines is taking steps to ensure something like that doesn’t happen again.

The airline is to become the first airline to track its fleet of planes via satellite.

The airline signed an agreement with aerospace companies Aireon, Sitaonair and FlightAware, that will enable it to monitor its aircrafts in real time, anywhere across the world.

Malaysia Airlines Chief Operating Officer, Izham Ismail, said in a statement,

“Real-time global aircraft tracking has long been a goal of the aviation community. We are proud to be the first airline to adopt this solution.”

Aireon’s new satellite network is expected to be completed in 2018.

[via Mashable]


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