Man Constipated for a Decade Has 11-Pound Poop Removed


A man suffering from severe constipation for 10 years finally underwent surgery to remove the feces from his colon. He is 27-years-old, so he spent more than a third of is life constipated. Sweet Jesus.

The guy went to Second People’s Hospital in Chengdu, China, complaining of stomach pain. He had been admitted for the same reason previously, but doctors could not figure out the cause of his pain. Well, he was literally full of shit.

X-rays revealed that his colon had swelled to twice the normal size, forcing his heart to shift to the right. The doctors diagnosed him with congenital megacolon. Yes, megacolon. Later surgeons removed an 11-pound poop that was causing the pain.

Hahaha! We called the “shit” “poop!”

[via Fox News]




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