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Manny Pacquiao Trashes Mayweather/McGregor Calling it Not A ‘Real Fight’


The world has been waiting for Floyd “Money” Mayweather to square up against UFC’s golden-boy Conor McGregor since the idea of the fight came about through sheer cockiness and trash-talking between the two fighters. Vegas has this fight shifted heavily in favor of the undefeated champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, but one punch could change everything as we gear up and wait about two months for the loudmouths to strap up their gloves.

Boxing’s next biggest star, Manny Pacquaio, shared his thoughts on this fight, even though he doesn’t think it will be much of a fight anyway. The welterweight champion says he will not be watching Mayweather/McGregor,  but instead he’ll watch Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alverez.

According to Pacquaio, he said,

“The real fight and the best fight is [Gennady] Golovkin vs. Canelo [Alvarez]. The best vs. the best. That’s the fight I will be watching.”

With this being the biggest boxing match since, well, Pacquiao/Mayweather, it’s not surprising Manny doesn’t want to watch the guy who beat him two years ago dance around the UFC fighter. Pacquiao/Mayweather broke a pay-per view record with 4.6 million purchasing the fight, but this fight is expected to shatter that mark.

Pacquiao has said multiple times that this fight will not happen, but now that it is official he gives McGregor no chance. Not only does he think McGregor will lose, he thinks the fight will be boring and says McGregor will have a hard time landing a solid punch on Floyd, who made his career on being quick and elusive in the ring.

According to Pacquaio, he said,

“McGregor has no chance in this fight. In fact, it could be very boring.There is no way [McGregor] will be able to land a meaningful punch on Floyd. How could he? He has no professional experience in boxing.”

Watch the fight August 26th, or listen to Manny and spend your time doing something more valuable with your time. Pacquaio may still be bitter from losing to Mayweather, so take his comments with a grain of salt.

[via Complex]

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