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“Too Many Custom Features to List?” Check Out This Bizarre Detroit Home Being Sold For $550k Cash

If you think you’ve seen some weird real estate, think again. I once went to an open house that was filled to the brim with collectible antique dolls (I swear their eyes followed you), and yet I still wasn’t prepared for this Detroit listing.

To start, this 1,886 square foot home has some odd requirements: the price is $550,000 in cash and is “only shown on sunny days.” Twitter user @BayBye2010 pointed out that the sunny day requirement is due to “a water problem.” Yikes. However, the house has plenty of…features?

This wacky house is filled with statues. The living room is a white-and-silver luxe mishmash of nice furniture, a white baby grand piano, and a littering of statues.

Real Estate One

The dining room would actually be kind of cool, if there weren’t 3D cherub paints and creepy clown dolls waiting to dine with you:

Real Estate One

The bathroom, besides looking like an acid trip through a rainforest, has a statue, too! This one will watch you take a poop:

Real Estate One

Freaked out? You’re not alone. Perhaps these statues set up to watch you sleep will make you feel better:

Real Estate One

You can check out all of the weirdness here, if you dare. Besides all of the free statues, the house also comes with two cars (???): a 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan with a phone and running water and a 1974 Lincoln Mark IV Coupe that is presumably just a vehicle.

Apparently, it’s one of the most well-maintained houses in the area. The outside of this single-family home is actually pretty nice. Maybe if you just burn everything inside and do some sage cleansing, it could be livable?

[via CTV News]

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