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Margot Robbie Dominates Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Box of Lies’

This is a pretty great game.

CREDIT: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jimmy Fallon is taking over late night with his hilarious Tonight Show. He has created a whole series of iconic games, but it’s “Box of Lies” that is making headlines now. Margot Robbie, the most gorgeous specimen on the planet, visited The Tonight Show last night and owned the game. Looks like Robbie gets an “A” in description.

“Box of Lies” gives players the opportunity to describe items in a box; the trick is to decipher whether the description is a real object or not. Thus, the best liar in the game wins! I’m not sure if it’s Robbie’s devilish smile or Fallon’s tendency to break into laughter.

Check out the video below:

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