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Maria Sharapova is “Intimidated” by Serena Williams

Because who isn't intimidated by that goddess?

Maria Sharapova has penned a book titled, Unstoppable: My Life So Far, in where she divulges her life, you know, so far. However, it is Sharapova’s feelings on tennis pro Serena Williams that has the world talking.

In an excerpt from her book, Sharapova describes Williams as “intimidating and strong,” further explaining that “it’s the whole thing: her presence, her confidence, her personality”. But it is Sharapova’s description of her rival’s physicality that is really pissing people off, as she describes, “first of all, her physical presence is much stronger and bigger than you realize watching TV. She has thick arms and thick legs.”

Many readers have argued that Sharapova’s words are disrespectful and one Twitter user even believed it to be racist. Some argue that her description is dishonest and merely painting a picture of a “big monster” because Sharapova will never be as good as Williams.

I, personally, don’t find it offensive when a woman is described as big, strong, or thick. An intimidating woman is usually a powerful one and it is society’s own flaw to associate those words with negativity. So, go on Serena, you continue to be big and strong! Sharapova is not wrong for that!

See what Twitter had to say:

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