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A Mario Kart-Style Go Kart Track is Opening in Niagara Falls and I’m Already Booking My Flight

Branson Tracks

As exciting as go kart racing is, the design of most of them is so boring. Sure, you’ll get a sharp turn once in a while, but a few straight lines do not result in an exciting drive. I could do that shit on the freeway, just with a bit more protection.

Branson, Missouri-based Branson Tracks has decided to upgrade the traditional go kart experience by building a multi-level racetrack by Niagra falls straight out the world of Mario Kart. Throwing shells and ruining friendships will not be a part of the experience, unfortunately.

Start booking your flights now, ladies and gents, because the track is slated to open in Spring 2018.

[Via BroBible]

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