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Mark Zuckerberg’s Dog Received a Unique Birthday Gift


Mark Zuckerberg gave his dog a gift few owners can, a custom 3-D printed sculpture.

The Hungarian sheepdog named Beast turned six this past Tuesday, and Zuckerberg decided to use the endless technology at his disposal to give him a unique gift.

The Facebook CEO sought the help of an artist to create the sculpture, who hand drew Beast. After the skeleton was created, it was taken to Facebook’s hardware lab, where they brought the sculpture to life with the help of a 3-D printer.

Zuckerberg posted a video of the process, and how Beast liked his gift.

“A few weeks ago, an artist at Oculus designed and printed a 3D sculpture in VR. Beast was pretty confused, but I love that we have the technology and culture where people just make things like this for fun,” Zuckerberg wrote.

There was some marketing behind the gesture. The video shows the capabilities of the Oculus Medium, a version of VR that allows artists to create tangible objects using the system’s touch controllers, giving the artist a truly hands-on experience.

[Via Mashable]

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