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Marlon Brando’s Son Miko Claims His Father Never Slept With Richard Pryor

CREDIT: via; AP Photo

Last week, Quincy Jones had a colorful interview with Vulture, in which he revealed his date with Ivanka Trump and casually mentioned that Marlon Brando slept with Richard Pryor. While the entire Internet blew up over these claims, Brando’s son made a statement denying the claim about his father.

Miko Brando told TMZ that his father did not partake in the alleged acts. But the interesting part of the story is that Pryor’s widow Jennifer confirmed that it did happen, while Pryor’s daughter Rain swears it didn’t. Jennifer stated that Richard was a very sexual person, who was open to experimentation.

It doesn’t seem like we have a confirmed case for either side. Miko also stated that he was disappointed by the comments that were made, tarnishing the reputation of both his father as well as Richard Pryor.

[via Vulture]

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