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Massive 120 Degree Heat Wave Could Turn Phoenix into the 7th Layer of Hell

Across the southwest of the U.S temperatures are climbing to record high numbers. Like scorching hot, swamp ass temperature. In the coming days, Phoniex, Arizona is expected to hit 120 degrees which would be the highest temperature in the city since 1995.

However, it’s not just Arizona. Excessive heat warnings have ben posted across six states in the West. The National Weather Service is also forecasting the probability of dust storms across Phoenix on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The heat wave is also affecting flights in the southwest. Flights from California, Arizona, and more are already being canceled/

Apparently, airplanes have more difficulty taking off in the hot air because hot air is thinner, which leaves the planes needing a longer airstrip to take off. Thus far, American Airlines reportedly canceled at least 50 of their flights.

Anyone want to move to Canada or something? Just a thought.

[via Mashable ]

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