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Master Trump Impressionist Anthony Atamanuik Reveals the Secrets of His Trade


When you think “Donald Trump impression” nowadays, Alec Baldwin is probably the first name that comes to mind. Or maybe you lean a little old school and prefer Darrell Hammond. But if you follow the comedy world closely, chances are that you actually favor a certain Mr. Anthony Atamanuik.

If you haven’t heard of Atamanuik, you will soon, as he will be headlining the new Comedy Central series The President Show, in which he deploys his impression for a late night gabfest straight from the Oval Office. So he stopped by The Late Show last night to give Stephen Colbert and his viewers some vital information.

Atamanuik is not known as a master impressionist. Instead, he is a mainstay in the New York improv scene, where he has been performing for years under a Gristede’s (that’s a grocery store, for all you non-New Yorkers). But since Trump is a “standard impression” (i.e., everybody has their own version), he applied his improv-honed skill for deeply understanding a character to find a way in to the Orange One.

Ergo, the Late Show appearance, in which the goods were spilled. Atamanuik’s Trump is all about “10 years of Jungian therapy,” leaning forward, and moving his arms around like a certain animal.

Watch the clip below:

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