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Math Question Meant for 7-Year-Olds Leaves Adults Scratching Their Heads


A math question apparently meant for 7-year-old children is leaving adults questioning everything they have learned.

A bonus question on a first-grade level math exam, has been shared throughout the country on social media as adults attempt to crack the code.

The question seems simple enough. A circular puzzler with five numbers in it. There are four corresponding blanks to be solved, but no further instructions on what to do. Here’s the puzzle in question:

Adults have been unsuccessful in attempts to solve the puzzle.

The question first surfaces after being posted by a user who claims it was from a first-grade examination. But Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) couldn’t say for sure if this was true.

According to an MOE spokesperson, they say,

“From the image, we are unable to ascertain if the question was from a school’s Primary 1 (our first grade) examination paper.”

However, the question looks striking similar to one that was previously posted on a math blog by Gordon Burgin, who calls himself an author of Maths Puzzles. The two questions are almost identical, with only one difference. The bottom-left number in Burgin’s puzzle is 20 instead of 2.

Burgin claims this is how the puzzle can be solved:

This is not the first child puzzle to stump adults. In 2015, people in Singapore were similarly stumped on  a math question nicknamed “Cheryl’s birthday.” The question was first thought to be a fifth-grade level question, but was late revealed to be a ninth-grade Maths Olympiad question so questions are riding about this apparent first-grade puzzle.

Is it really made for 7-year-olds? Try and solve it, then ask your kids or relative’s kids to solve it, and you tell me.

[via Mashable]


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