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McDonald’s is Bringing Back the Dollar Menu But I’ll Believe it When I See it

via Eater

McDonald’s has been on the Naughty list for quite some time now. Several months ago, fans of Rick and Morty were reminded of McDonald’s limited-edition Szechuan sauce. The sauce was to promote Mulan when it was released in 1998. McDonald’s surprised fans and announced they would be reselling the sauce for a limited time.

However, when the day finally came, people waiting on lines to get their hands on that “delicious McNugget sauce” were told there was none left. Cue pandemonium. McDonald’s then sent an apology, and promised the sauce would return at a later date. Boooooo.

THEN, McDonald’s announced they would be temporarily removing the buttermilk crispy chicken tenders from their menu due to very low stock and high demand. That was a bust.

I guess they’re trying to make people love them again, so McDonald’s announced that they’re bringing back the Dollar Menu after five long, expensive years.

In 2013, McDonald’s started their depart from the Dollar Menu, 11 years after it’s initial release. However, sales began to show that the Dollar Menu was missed by many. To compensate, McDonald’s introduced the McPick $2, which wasn’t so successful.

Beginning January 4, the Golden Arches will have a four item Dollar Menu, lame, but whatever. On the menu: cheeseburger, any size soft drink, sausage burrito, and McChicken. There will also be a few $2 items including two-piece chicken tenders, small McCafe coffee, bacon McDouble, and sausage McGriddle. Of course, there will also be $3 items: Happy Meals, triple cheeseburger, sausage McMuffin with egg, and the Classic Chicken sandwich, a new “premium” sandwich.

With the rebirth of the Dollar Menu and breakfast-all-day, McDonald’s is really looking forward to an increase in sales.

[via Eater]

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