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McDonald’s is Testing Mobile Ordering and I’ll Never Cook Again


Praise be to Ronald McDonald!

After being so far behind when it comes to mobile and online ordering in comparison to their competitors, McDonald’s is finally testing mobile ordering, meaning your stove is about to become obsolete.


Lucky customers in Monterey and Salinas in California will be able to place their order in advance until March 20th, which is when Spokane, Washington will get access to the feature.

So, how exactly does it work? According to Engadget:

“Hungry patrons will now be able to select their meal on the way to their nearest location for instant collection. The app will even use your GPS data to determine when your burgers start getting cooked, ensuring your food stays warm and fresh. When you arrive, you just pay through the app and grab that famous brown bag from the counter, drive-thru or curbside collection point.”

Now that’s fast food.

Are we really shocked they waited this long to do this? It took them years to add all day breakfast to the menu, so by the time they finally roll this out everywhere I’ll probably be dead.

[Via Engadget]

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