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Meet ‘Brandless’ The $3 Non-GMO Online Grocery Store


It is no joke that the internet has revolutionized human lives, anything and everything is just a click away. From a 24/7 news cycle to creative hubs and now a $3 and under organic grocery store that offers non-GMO foods. Yes, you read that right, plus most of their products are fair trade (no you’re not dreaming, welcome to the future).

This revolutionary online grocery store goes by the name of Brandless, although not all their products are fair trade, a lot of them are. According to some editors over at Cosmo who tried a bunch of the products, the foods were “as good as the kinds you find at Whole Foods.”  WOW, tbh.

According to the store’s founders they don’t sell brand names, which is how they can afford the low prices. You do have pay for shipping, a $9 plate rate, unless you spend over $72, then your package comes for free. Plus, the company will also donate one meat to Feeding America overtime you shop with them. No this is not a dream, Brandless is real.

[Via Cosmopolitan]


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