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Meet Juicero, the $400 Juicer You Never Thought You Needed (and Don’t)


Juice is simple: you take a fruit of your choosing, you hold it over a containment vessel, and you squeeze it. Couldn’t be simpler, right? Well, some geniuses (in a literal and sarcastic sense) in Silicon Valley found a way to over-complicate something so elegantly simple as juice.

The latest hot, innovative product out of Silicon Valley is the Juicero, a purportedly high-tech juicing machine. The product is exploding onto store shelves; exploding, crashing and burning. What the Juicero does is simply squeeze a bag of pre-made juice into a cup… Yup. Innovative, huh? And the Juicero can be yours for the low, low price of $400!

Now, your probably wondering “Well gee, what’s to stop me from just squeezing the bag of juice myself?” Nothing. Nothing is stopping you from doing that. In fact, investors in the product were shocked to find that squeezing the bag had a similar juice yield to the Juicero, and in less time to boot.

Plenty of juice enthusiasts on Twitter have offered their testimonials on this new product, with less-than-glowing recommendations.


Between the investment of $120 million in the Juicero and the rampant roasting on Twitter, you can bet that investors are probably sweating. But you know what will cool them off? A tall, refreshing glass of juice, fresh from the plastic bag.

[via Twitter]

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