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Meet the Newest Model Additions to the Victoria’s Secret Pink Team


Zuri Tibby and Grace Elizabeth are the newest model members of the Victoria’s Secret Pink team. Since they signed their contracts, their schedules have been action-packed with photo shoots, interviews and personal appearances. The latest: a trip to Cancun, Mexico, for the #PINKSpringBreak party where they sat down with to discuss how their lives have changed since joining up with the world’s biggest lingerie brand.

When Zuri learned she was going to be a Victoria’s Secret model she was in a hotel room because she didn’t have an apartment at the time. “My agent called me to say, “Come into the agency.” I was like, “I’m in trouble.” [When] I got there, he [said], “So, we’re going to put you on contract with Pink.” [Right away,] cameras popped out and I FaceTimed my mom. It was just the best day ever,” she explains in the interview.


As for Grace, she also FaceTimed her mom, explaining, “To begin with, you’re crying and screaming. My mom’s my best friend and I think for Zuri, it’s the same thing. Mom’s there from the beginning, you know? She told me to “work it, baby girl, work it! Make that money!”

While the job perks are great, like traveling to Cancun to party with Spring Breakers—they’ve also had some creepy run-ins with fans. “I had a guy waiting at the airport for me, actually. He figured out my flights from a Pink shoot and he was there,” Grace tells Cosmo. “He was like, “Grace!” and I was like, “No!”

“I was followed to my hotel room in Paris [after] the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,” tells Zuri. Grace adds, “Oh yeah, [fans] were sneaking outside of our hotel rooms.”


While they might be working for one of the most famous lingerie companies of their time, Grace points out that they aren’t all that different from everyone else, “we’re [really] just normal. We’re just down-to-earth people.” Zuri adds, “Yeah, all I do is watch Netflix.”

For more stories and tips on beauty and fashion from the stunning models, catch the whole interview below:

[via Cosmopolitan]

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