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Megyn Kelly Goes After Bill O’Reilly on Seth Meyers

Megyn Kelly appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to discuss her new morning show and to address her public denouncement of former Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly.

O’Reilly, who resigned this year after it was revealed that he and Fox News had paid multiple women millions of dollars after they accused him of sexual assault, recently claimed that nobody at Fox News had ever complained about his behavior.

Kelly, on her morning show, revealed that she had, in fact, complained, and shared an email that she had sent to Fox News higher-ups.

“It was time to tell that story,” Kelly told Seth Meyers.

Kelly said that it was the combination of O’Reilly’s dismissive comments and the recent revelation that Fox News had renewed O’Reilly’s contract after he paid a whopping $32 million to silence an accuser that prompted her to come forward with her story.

“That’s not nuisance value. Litigations happen all the time, a lot of them are nonsense and you pay some small amount to make them go away. 32 million dollars is a different story.”

Kelly listed some of the reasons many women are hesitant to come forward with sexual harassment claims, including corporate hierarchy and culture. She encouraged women to form an “underground army” to keep each other safe and asked men to hold each other accountable, not only in the workplace but “in the bars, and at nighttime, and when we’re not there.”

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