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Mel B Confirms the Spice Girls Will Be “Back Together This Year”

Instagram via Complex

Apparent gossip queen Mel B has confirmed that there will be a Spice Girls reunion at some point in the coming year. The five legends shared a selfie in February, which led to fans speculating about the idea of a tour. Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, has denied these rumors several times.

However, Mel B assured reporters that the Spice Girls do have something in the works. As she walked the red carpet for America’s Got Talent, Mel B spilled the tea: “I can’t say anything, but you definitely will see us, all five, back together this year,” she told reporters. “And not just in Geri’s front room!”

It’s important to remember that Mel B might not be 100% reliable, as she started rumors that the girl group would be performing at the royal wedding. Not saying that couldn’t happen, I’m just saying it probably won’t. When asked, the singer kept it cool: “Gosh! But we are definitely going to do stuff this year, that is for sure.”

Now, what Mel B means by “stuff” remains to be seen. Not sure if a royal wedding or a reunion tour is necessarily in the works, but it seems like the Spice Girls might perform together once again.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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